Booking Information

To place a booking with Flashback, all you need to do is send us a £150 deposit cheque and we will fix the date in our diary. The remainder of the payment can be given to us on the night of the performance, preferably in cash so we can easily distribute it amongst the band members on the night without resorting to multiple cheques in the post at a later date.

Costs/ Optional Extras

For a local gig (within a 40 mile radius of Bracknell in Berkshire) we charge typically £1000 – £1500 depending on the location, number of guests attending and any special requirements. Please ask for a quotation. This is a fully inclusive package for our 5-piece professional line-up, 3000W world class active sound system, lighting effects and interval music. Zane is available to perform an acoustic guitar classical / flamenco / pop set for around one and a half hours during the event (say, when the guests arrive / during a Wedding Breakfast etc.) for an additional £150.

Setting Up

We bring with us a substantial amount of equipment, more than most bands. We do this as it provides a much better sound system than you’re likely to hear elsewhere and gives us an impressive stage presence with the lighting etc. In other words better entertainment for your guests ! For this reason we take an hour and a half to set up and complete a proper sound check.
Please allow for this when planning your arrangements, particularly if the guests are going to be in the same room. Seeing the band set up can give a positive air of anticipation though, and once the sound system is set up, we can put some background music on while we complete the job. We also require a minimum amount of space which is approximately 25 feet wide x 15 feet deep. Please ensure this space is available to us and that the venue organisers are aware of this. We also require at least two double mains sockets behind the stage area or just to the sides. A solid floor is also essential if we are playing in a Marquee. A room with plenty of soft furnishings (eg. Carpet / curtains) will massively improve the acoustics over an empty space with hard surfaces everywhere where the echo can cause problems – please bear this in mind when choosing a venue.


We’ll suggest a suitably balanced playlist for the type of audience, but we are open to suggestions and can learn a small number of your favourites given sufficient notice. If we haven’t time to learn a particular song (for example the first dance at a Wedding) we can play it from a CD. We will play any number of sets to fit in with your plans, but typically two or three sets of 45 minutes to an hour is the norm. Guests may also use our microphones for making announcements etc. or we can do this for you given suitable instructions on the night.

Getting Changed

We like to set up in our scruffs, then get changed into something smarter just before we start to play, so a suitable changing room is needed. Please don’t expect us to get changed in the Toilets unless the floor is clean enough to eat your dinner from!

Health and Safety

Our equipment is regularly PAT tested for electrical safety, and we carry Public liability insurance provided by the Musicians Union up to £10,000,000 (Ten million pounds). If there’s anything you’d like to discuss before the event, please don’t hesitate to call us!